WestCom Investments Inc. is committed to your success. You can call on us anytime to provide advice and ideas on how to solve your financial challenges and add value to your real estate. We provide loan placement services with an emphasis on operator driven property types including hospitality and retail fuel. Our reach is nationwide and and we hold real estate brokerage licenses in California and Georgia.

The WestCom Investments Inc. team continually surveys the market place to ensure that our clients only enter into relationships with lenders that can perform on time and with the terms promised. We cover the entire U.S with a current database of about 600 banks, 150 non-bank and dozens of private money, family office and high net worth individual relationships.

WestCom Investments, Inc. is now offering unsecured business loans up to $500,000. Approvals are based on your credit score and the last three months of business deposits. Contact us now and receive funding in as little as 7 days.

Deep industry relationships give us access to the most recent terms and conditions being offered by various institutions. That's important in a constantly changing market.
Lender terms change from month to month depending on a number of factors and their interest in funding more or less of a particular type of loan. We are in constant communication so we know who's doing what and for how much.


WestCom Investments delivers creative equity structures to maximize your returns. A passive equity investor alows you to avoid taking on a partner that may demand equal control and equal returns. It can also provide a way to seize another opportunity when your own equity is locked up. We can assist in developing structures and making introductions that will maximize your investment returns.


Ā WestCom Investments acquires performing loans on behalf of a Southern California family office. If you are a private money lender who needs to replenish capital, we want to talk to you. Lower LTV equals more relaxed acquisition criteria.
Please call 619-246-0731 for more details.


  • "We like to be in control so it was difficult at first to allow a 3rd party to come in handle such an important part of the transaction. Aaron and Vishal did such a great job, I'm glad we did it."
  • "We closed on a 50% occupied shopping center in five days...WestCom's professional execution allowed to quickly acquire an off-market asset"
  • "Westcom's meticulous approach to deal underwriting meant that there were no surprises before closing"
  • "Professional, responsive and thorough. Westom was willing to go the extra mile for us."



We have experience in real estate cash flow modeling across all property types including hotels and can accurately model complex CAM pools, construction loan draws, cash flow waterfalls and more. We can export Argus outputs to your in-house Excel templates or create one for you. An up to date valuation of your portfolio is critical when soliciting new sources of capital. We are Argus Certified and use Argus Enterprise as well as legacy versions.


The market analysis is a core component to acquisitions, dispositions and lease negotiations. We combine data from broker relationships, U.S Government economic indicators, CostarĀ®, and market outlooks published by the major brokerage houses to deliver a comprehensive market analysis tailored specifically for your property. Working for many real estate buyers over the years has allowed us to assimilate the best practices of many firms into our processes.

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302 N. El Camino Real, Suite 114, San Clemente, CA 9267
Aaron Lazarus - President

(619) 630-9001

Broker Lic. 01526471

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